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Global Ceramics Dental Lab

Dr. Wilson J Kwong, owner and founder of VDEC, and instructor at the UBC Faculty of Dentistry, created Global Ceramics Lab out of a need for consistently high-quality cosmetic dentistry supplies for his own patients. Dr. Kwong now offers his high quality and reliable products, knowledge and expertise to all Global Ceramics clients, providing a service that’s as unique as your smile.

Global Ceramics Dental Lab delivers digital ceramics restorations that fit, look great, and are finished to world quality standards by our talented master ceramists. Providing the dental profession with high quality and well-fitting restorations unlike you’ve ever seen before.


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Ceramic Teeth

Cosmetic Ceramics

Digital Ceramics

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At Global Ceramics we use IPS e.max ceram lithium disilicate, the #1 brand of all-ceramic restorative material in the world with. Its natural-looking colouring and excellent light-optical properties make it the perfect choice for your restoration needs.

We like to see your patients smile. Not only can we guarantee that all our new ceramics will be strong, fit perfectly, and look great, but we also offer access to Dr. Wilson J Kwong. He will work with you on your case, from product to finish, making your experience complete, consistent and easy.

Using a state-of-the-art digital mill, you can scan us a file of your prepped teeth, and we will design, make and deliver a quality assured restoration to you… all in ONE DAY! This will completely eliminate the need for temporary teeth, giving you a happy patient every time.


Implant Ceramics

Custom Ceramics

Neuromuscular Ceramics

All our implant restorations support Nobel Biocare, Straumann®, and other major brands. Our digital CAD/CAM technicians will digitally design your restorations to give you the fit, finish and beauty you desire, using the highest quality products for your patients.

For your advanced and elaborate cases, our master ceramists will work one on one with you to ensure the highest caliber of quality and fit from beginning to end. The ceramics will be customer made using our premium brand protocol.

Using neuromuscular science, we are able to find the optimized bite position, therefore resolving many TMD issues. The appliance, when worn correctly, will resolve headaches, migraines, joint disfunction, and head and neck pain. The anatomically functioning appliance is comfortable, tooth coloured, and slim-reducing tongue space is a prime factor in patient’s comfort.


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